Thank you for visiting PLAM EXPO!


PLAM EXPO Address:

NO.6,East Roard,Northern 3rd Ringroad,Chaoyang District,Beijing

Public Transportation Information:

Subway system:take metro line 13 and get off at liu fang station,take metro line 10 and get off at San yuan station.

Ground public transportation:

Arrive in Airport
      Taxi:About 26km between the airport and the exhibition hall. 
      Subway: Take the Airport Express to Sanyuanqiao station, then walk to the exhibition hall, or transfer any bus for one stop.
      Bus: Take airport bus NO.4 (Gongzhufen line) ,from airport station(Terminal 3) to Sanyuanxiqiao station, then walk 260 meters.
               Take bus NO.850 or 850 express, from Gangsancun station to Sanyuanqiao station(totally 12 stops), then walk 1.2 kilometers. 
Arrive in Railway Station
(1)Beijing Railway Station
          Taxi: The distance is about 10km between the two places.
          Subway: Take line2 in Beijing Railway Station to Dongzhimen station, then transfer line13 to Liufang station, then walk 1.2 kilometers.
          Bus: Take bus NO.24 from Beijingzhanqianjie to Zuojiazhuang station(totally 14 stops), then walk 1.4 kilometers.
                  Take bus NO.674, from Beijingzhanqianjie to Hepinglilukoubei station(totally 10 stops), then walk 1.7 kilometers.
(2)Beijing South Railway Station
          Taxi:About 18 kilometers from the station to the exhibition hall.
          Subway: Take line4 from Beijing South Railway Station to Jiaomen West station, then transfer line10 to Sanyuanqiao station, then walk 1.4km.
          Bus: Take special bus NO.8 or NO.8 Express from Yangqiao West station to Jinganzhuang station(totally 16 stops),then walk 320 meters.
(3)Beijing West Railway Station
          Taxi: About 19km between the station and the exhibition hall.
          Subway: Take line9 from Beijing West Railway Station to Liuliqiao station,then transfer line10 to Taiyanggong station, then walk 1.5km.
          Bus: Take special bus NO.8 Inner Ring or NO.300 Inner Ring from Liuliqiao North station to Jinganzhuang station(totally 10 stops), then walk 150 meters.